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Who is the Spinney?

A few years ago I decided I didn't want a walled office anymore. Since then I've rediscoved the joy of the outside and have been working to help people enjoy their outside spaces again.


I've transformed gardens from overgrown bramble shambles to relaxed spaces and always try to work with what you've already got, re-shaping, re-styling and re-making wherever possible. This is less expensive and often quicker. The island here was totally overgrown. It's now a tranquil wildflower space (when the turf grows) for quiet reflection and enjoyment.

And a Spinney, is a small wood or copse. It's also me, Jason Spinney. I work in Stroud and the surrounding areas of Gloucestershire. I'm happy to work on projects of various sizes so if you think I can help, click below.

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